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Author Jeremy Hodges Claims Robert Louis Stevenson Died From Syphilis

The new biography of the famous novelist and poet, Robert Louis Stevenson, is a testament to the fact that the disease can cause death after a period of a few years.

 The Scottish Daily Record, which is an online news source, uploaded an article about the world famous Scottish author, Robert Louis Stevenson. The article stated, “A NEW biography of Robert Louis Stevenson claims that the writer died at just 44 after catching syphilis from an Edinburgh prostitute.”
Robert Louis Stevenson is well known around the world because of his works like Kidnapped, Treasure Island and Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He is one of the few authors whose novels have been translated into many different languages around the globe. It has been common belief till now that the author died at the age of 44 due to Tuberculosis. However, his new biography written by James Hodges challenges that and states he died from Syphilis instead.
Hodges, in his book, claims that the author contracted the sexually transmitted disease at the age of 22 from a prostitute in Edinburgh. He died 22 years later when the disease reached its last stage. The proof lies in the letter that he’d written to his friend and financial agent, Charles Baxter, and in the excerpts from his mother’s diary. “That walk down Queen Street has made a fine sore of my burning and here I am,” is a sentence from the letter to Baxter which may be pointing out where he had met the prostitute.

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